Kew Children's Guide

Bloomsbury, in association with Kew Gardens, 2018
written by Catherine Brereton

Around the world there are lots of different types of gardens, from woodlands and rainforests to deserts and mountains. At Kew you can explore many of these amazing habitats, all in one place. Packed full of fascinating facts about flowers, plants, trees and more, and lots of activities, this is the perfect book to start your Kew adventure.

Trek through the rainforest in the Palm House and spot coconuts, bananas and cacao pods. See the world in bird's eye view as you climb the Treetop Walkway. Let the bluebells brush your ankles on the Woodland Walk.

You'll learn more about the plants, flowers and wildlife that live at Kew, and which ones you might spot at home. Find out why the elements are important, why bees are superheroes and how birds prepare for hibernation.

With tips on how to grow plants, make a bird feeder, create art from nature, and so much more, this book allows you to take home the Kew experience.

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