Find Out About ... Animal Tools

Walker Books, 2022
written by Martin Jenkins

A colourful and gentle introduction to the concept of animal tools for young children.

Otters that break open shells on their chests? Crows that make hooks to snare grubs? Discover the surprising (and sometimes sneaky!) ways that animals use tools.

Many animals use tools in ingenious ways—some use sticks, others use stones, and some can even sew! The archerfish spits jets of water to knock down its prey. The palm cockatoo makes drumsticks to impress its mate with a beat. The burrowing owl attracts beetles by decorating its doorway with dung, and chimpanzees skillfully wield grass stems to fish out termites. In their fourth book in the Find Out About series, Martin Jenkins and Jane McGuinness look at a range of clever tools that show just how inventive animals can be. An end note offers more fascinating details for curious readers.

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