Find Out About ... Animal Camouflage

Walker Books, 2022
written by Martin Jenkins

A colourful and gentle introduction to the concept of animal camouflage for young children.

Discover some of the brilliant ways animals disguise themselves in this engaging introduction for young children from a conservation biologist.

Some animals hide in the sand, like the desert lizard, whose scales can resemble pebbles and stones. Others hide in the sea, like the peacock flounder, who can also change colour. And some, like poison dart frogs and the scarlet king snake, don’t try to hide at all! Most animals have developed clever tricks to survive, but not all excel at camouflage the way these animals do. From moths whose wings resemble dead leaves to eponymous stick insects, from a lizard that looks like a tree stump to the ghost pipefish you’d mistake for a coral reef, the range of colours, patterns, and techniques captured here demonstrates how animals across myriad environments can disguise themselves. Melding a simple narration with more detailed facts on a variety of creatures — including sandgrouses, gerbils, Arctic foxes, and butterflies — this fascinating picture book also offers a brief note on animal camouflage in the back matter.

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